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Budugeya Opening Ceremony


The group of photos taken in the partially build Dhanasala shows the gathering of supporters and people from the village. There was talk on Dhamma by the Ven. Bodhichitta and a meditation program by Prof. Ravi Koggalage


Nisala Arana hosted a welcome for Mr.T.Y. Lee the author of “Island of Light.”: Quote “The  book is written in tribute to the people of Sri Lanka for their contribution to the preservation and spread of  Buddism within their own island and Beyond”

Mr. T.Y. Lee has written, printed and donated 20,000 copies of this book to Sri Lanka. These books were received by Nisala Arana who have undertaken this distribution of this gift.


Bodhi Tree

Nisala Arana is home to a Bodhi Tree grown from a sapling of the original Bodhi Tree under which Lord Buddha became enlightened 2,600 years ago.  Over 100 people attended the planting ceremony on the auspicious date of 1st September, 2011.


Construction of Kutties



Modern living is fast-paced and enticing but we will never find the inner peace through the latest gadget or accessory. Buddhist meditation focuses on giving up our attachments to these everyday comforts and conveniences. Through giving up the things we are attached to and correcting our negative behaviour, we can achieve a higher level of consciousness and a greater understanding of the meaning of life. Meditation, and following the Dhamma allows us to look beyond ourselves to a greater existence.



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