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Founded by Ven. Bodhichitta
With a vision to promote Buddhist practices giving specific emphasis on Meditation and Inner Peace, the “Nisala Arana” Australia opened its doors approximately four years ago to facilitate its mission.

The vision has continued and hence the “Nisala Arana”: Sri Lanka Project commenced in December 2010. The location for the modest forest monastery is in Molkava in the Agalawatta district and borders the scenic Sinharaja Rain Forest.   

Ven. Bodhichitta  will be resident at the Centre and will be available to provide understanding of Lord Buddha's teachings as well as instructions in meditation.

Ven. Budhicitta’s concerns for the order of nuns in Sri Lanka has been the main inspiration to established Nisala Arana as primarily a monastery for nuns, there by giving them the opportunity to study and practice the Dhammma. Emphasis will also be given to train ladies who wish to take up the robes, laying the foundation for them to study the Dhamma, to practice and to serve others.



Modern living is fast-paced and enticing but we will never find the inner peace through the latest gadget or accessory. Buddhist meditation focuses on giving up our attachments to these everyday comforts and conveniences. Through giving up the things we are attached to and correcting our negative behaviour, we can achieve a higher level of consciousness and a greater understanding of the meaning of life. Meditation, and following the Dhamma allows us to look beyond ourselves to a greater existence.




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