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  The secluded and tranquil Meditation Retreat Centre will offer physical isolation and solitude for the spiritual development in Dhamma. Following in the footsteps of eminent Forest Masters, Forest Tradition recommended to practice meditation and monastic etiquette in a particular way. “Nisala Arana” will set the peace to discover Dhamma in our own hearts until we are the Dhamma.

A Centre For Reflection

Nisala Arana International Meditation Centre is in Molkawa, Agalawatta, Kalutara District, and borders the scenic Singharaja Rain Forest. Kutties will be available for short stays or longer retreats. For those who are new to meditation, or are looking for a way to come to terms with the trials and tribulations that life entails, we offer an introduction to Buddhist meditation. For those who are already experienced in Buddhist meditation, Nisala Arana offers a sanctuary away from everyday life to reflect on the deeper meanings of existence expounded in the Buddhist teachings.  

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